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I love [this] mission to bring women's art song into the teaching is a special privilege for a composer to become a part of a young singer's musical development, and with the Kassia Database both students and their teachers can easily find just the right song for any voice type and every technical level...the Kassia Database is a brilliant resource for the discovery of centuries of wonderful art song composed by women!

The Kassia Database of Art Songs by Women Composers is a wonderful new resource. The site, which is continually growing, is very detailed in its scope. Listed are thousands of songs by women composers composed over the centuries. For each song, information about the era composed, voice type, tessitura, difficulty, language and accompaniment is provided, as well as a link to where to purchase the score. This will no doubt help a variety of musicians who are interested in either programming or learning more about songs composed by women. Brava!

Kassia Making Headlines

...breaking new ground on the journey to bring forth and celebrate women composers. There is now a single source to search for art songs created by women!"

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