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Kassia Database

A Database of Art Song by Women Composers


The Kassia Database is a resource for musicians to aid in the discovery and celebration of art song by women composers. The database includes songs from the Baroque period through the 21st century, and have been categorized by level, voice type, language, composer, and composer dates. Related information includes range, tessitura, piano accompaniment, vocal line, and links to available scores. The analysis is intended for singers from beginning high school through the collegiate level and professional career. The database leads you to find the unique voices and expansive styles of each individual composer, with the hopes to increase performance and advocation of each woman's often overlooked works.



To make the search for appropriate works in this vast genre more accessible, bring awareness to the talented composers who created them, and make the inclusion of these incredible works standard in the voice studio, performance hall, and beyond.



The name Kassia is a tribute to one of the first composers whose works survive to today, who just happened to be a woman. Kassia, or Kassiani, was a ninth-century abbess from Constantinople who composed both liturgical music and poetry. It is thanks to the multitudes of women who fought adversity, judgement, and criticism to create the powerful works that make this database possible.



You have three options:

Enter your desired search criteria. Search. Discover. Perform.

Not sure what you are looking for? This Google Sheet will show the entirety of the database. Browse away.

Access the database through our partner, the Institute for Composer Diversity.



While careful thought and consideration went into the designation of every song level, each analysis is subjective and trends on the conservative side. This is by no means definitive! In choosing repertoire, the strengths and abilities of the student should be at the forefront. Every voice is unique!

What to know more about the analysis process?
Check out the rubric.


Know a female composer whose works should be included on the database? Send them our way!

Are you a female composer and want your works included? Let us know!

Send us your works here!

Logan Contreras mezzo soprano headshot

Logan Contreras is a mezzo-soprano and educator based in Colorado. She is currently Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Northern Colorado. The Kassia Database is a product of Logan's doctoral degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, inspired by her applied teaching as a graduate teaching assistant at the Conservatory.

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